The Experiment Club BONUS Podcast Pt 1 Killing Jack


Restored the Next Day After the Murder

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The government got it wrong and the first successful murder of a United States President in Modern Times was carried out by many overlapping government offices including Hoover’s FBI, CIA, and the Secret Service. It wasn’t the Deep State then, it was the military-industrial complex. Subsequent Presidents who weren’t involve in the murder of Jack and his family, are all accessories after the fact, for failure to uphold their sworn duties to the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are the back bone of this Nation and still stand strong awaiting that someone who will take back the Presidency as there is no other Constitutional office in the land that holds more power and the ludicrous assertion secrets are keep from the Presidency based on “need to know” is pure unadulterated nonsense. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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