Behold The Pale Horse


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“I’m telling you be prepared for a  major attack! But it won’t be  Osama bin Laden. It will be those behind  the New World Order… Whatever  is going to happen that they are going to  blame on Osama bin Laden,  DON’T YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!”

Osama bin Laden was CIA agent Tim Osman and died in 2001 . Less than  11 weeks later, his predictions would turn out to be fatally true.

With a critical eye, Cooper examined the tense situation and  connected the bits of information from his sources. This allowed him to  deconstruct the lies fed to the general public and construct his theory.

Naturally, he was a thorn in the authorities’ spine. In July of 1998,  Cooper was charged with tax evasion. A warrant for his arrest was  issued but never executed. As a consequence, he was considered one of  America’s major fugitives and became a prime target of the U.S. Marshals  Service in the year 2000.

Cooper candidly spoke about his situation and became convinced he was  being actively targeted by President Clinton’s administration and the  IRS. After the tragic events of September 11 unfolded, Cooper’s radio  show attempted to expose the the massive conspiracy that led to the  attacks.

He pointed his finger at the Federal Government, accusing the  authorities of planning the terrorist move and duping America’s citizens  and the rest of the world into believing a fabricated story. This  allowed them to sway public opinion in their favor and execute their  plan.

In his final broadcast, on November 5, 2011, Bill Cooper talked about  planning to write a book detailing his tour of duty in Vietnam. He said  he was dedicating it to everyone who had served during the war.

Later that evening, while he was in his home in Eagar, Arizona, the  Apache County Sheriff’s Department paid him a visit. He had been accused  of brandishing a gun around and the police officers had a warrant for  his arrest.

However, the officers pulled up in unmarked vehicles, without wearing uniforms, and used trickery to draw him out.

Sources claim the officers positioned themselves in a cul-de-sac  often frequented by teenagers who would party and leave trash behind.  The officers began making a lot of noise and Cooper came out to confront  them, believing they were nothing more than drunken juveniles.

The officers would not identify themselves so Cooper threatened to  call the police. As he was heading back inside, shots were fired.

The outcome saw a police officer being killed, but so was Cooper.  Nobody knows who fired the first shot and it is unclear whether Bill  Cooper carried a gun at the time of his death.

The mystery surrounding Cooper’s death has led many into believing it  was not accidental, but rather a carefully planned and executed plot to  remove an “undesirable element.”

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