Percy and Percy Episode 1


TRUTH IS ALWAYS STRANGER THAN FICTION and History is written by the Winners. Don’t forget all those who lost the fight yet were PROVEN right. This is an endless journey and we’re running out of time, join us in “THE EXPERIMENT” to a new awakening,  get ready for your tomorrow today!  And now, welcome to “THE EXPERIMENT” where you will be taken to where it all began, come along for the adventure and the thrill, it’s not for the faint of heart, your reality just may be shattered, live and learn as we head down the path of freedom that is the Truth! The truth may not set you free but at least you’ll know who your captors are!

This episode we take a look at Mars and what lay ahead. The Perseverance landed on Mars a few day ago, let’s see what we have in store us.

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