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My Podcasts combine personal history and how it merges together with historical events with my real time impression and thoughts along with scientific research to slice-of-life journalism.


The Experiment Club E12 Zecharia Sitchens and the Earth Chronicles discussion 1990

Summary Followers  and readers of Zecharia Sitchin will know that the information about  Nibiru comes from the Sumerians and the writing and artifacts they, and  other ancient people, left behind. The core premise he has made in his  writings is that there is a 10th Planet (again, including Pluto) in our  solar system with an…

The Experiment Club BONUS Pt 2 Podcast Killing Jack

Summary Donate to your podcast to keep you and I strong! The government got it wrong and the first successful murder of a United States President in Modern Times was carried out by many overlapping government offices including Hoover’s FBI, CIA, and the Secret Service. It wasn’t the Deep State then, it was the military-industrial complex.…

The Host

Dave Gregory

Take the first step on the journey for truth, it may change your perception of reality and bring a better understanding of the real events that lead us to where we stand now, come along for the ride, you may never want to return! CIA, UFOs, JFK, Sumerians, Earth Chronicles, Anunnaki, Nibiru, affairs of gods and men, running out of time, it is what it is, was what it was, it’s a new day, f*ck it, grab the moment with Dave Gregory and ponder tomorrow before you become another piece of the puzzle!

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